Natural Force Healing

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Natural Force Healing Program:

Beginning in January 2018, The Natural Force Healing program will begin with various locations around the United States.Natural Force Healing is a highly specific advanced bio-vibrational technique. It was designed to create optimal well-being in the Body, Mind and Spirit. Natural Force Healing utilizes a spectrum of healing vibrations or energies known as the Positive Universal Force Energies.

Natural Force Healing measures the need of 12 specific levels of energy directed at sixteen specific contact points on the body. The need for each level is dependent upon precise reflex points. Each reflex and level of energy corresponds to a particular physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual issue that is being presented at the time of treatment.

When applied through specific hand positions placed upon designated areas of the body, a peeling away of distortions accumulated over an Individual’s life begins to happen. Not only will the individual experience physical changes, but they will report tremendous changes in their spiritual and mental-emotional health as well. The purpose of the hand positions is to allow the amplification of these specific force levels to accomplish in minutes clinically applicable changes in a human being physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The Science of Natural Force Healing is based upon Vibration Therapy. Simply stated, all matter in the universe is comprised of molecules which are in constant motion, vibrating at different rates of vibration and frequencies. The density of matter is determined by the rate or frequency level of the vibrating molecules it contains. Different molecules vibrate at different rates.

Every cell of the body has a specific normal vibratory rate. When this normal rate is maintained, the cells and thus the organs exhibit good health. The human body is thus made up of numerous vibrations that together vibrate within a specific range when we are in a state of health.



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Interested students are advised to please listen to and view website for the audio interview of Natural Force Healing. Additionally, please visit and listen to the archived radio shows of 7.27.09, 8.17.09, 11.2.09, and 12.14.09, Creating Health: Body, Mind and Spirit – Dr. Davis’ radio programs on Natural Force Healing and a complete understanding of the System can be found on the home page as well.





The Phase I and Phase II workshops are two day, 16 hour workshoops. Phase I teaches the background, developement and utilization of the Twelve Force Levels as well as Self Healing Techniques. The Phase II workshop presents the student with advanced concepts and procedures that go deeper into the understanding, cause and correction of distortion in the Triune of Well Being. Each workshop also includes a newly updated manual.

New Classes to begin in 2021

Dr Davis is also available to NFH to groups of 10 or more students in your town or community.


The Phase I and Phase II workshop tuition includes an updated manual.

  • Tuition: $625.00 (including manual) for either Phase I or Phase II

Program in Natural Force Healing Course Curriculum



Massage Therapists Receive 16 CE Credits for Each Phase