ENAT Review & New Material Class

Saturday and Sunday, January 27 & 28, 2018
The first day of this two day ENAT Seminar, is designed as an ENAT Phase I review. This will be a review of all the Functional Assessment Reflexes, and Nutritional Protocols. The second day will be new reflexes relating to Pyroluria, Shingles, Hepatitis C, and much more. Updated PDF manual of the new Material will be provided. It will also include a business implementation session of ENAT into your practice/clinic.
Please Note: To allow individuals in different time zones the opportunity to participate, we are beginning each day at 11 am EST.

ENAT Review and New Material Seminar 385 USD


New To The Work

Dr. Davis has been teaching Advanced Chiropractic Techniques, Natural Force Healing and Bio-Vibrational/Energetic Techniques throughout the United States and Internationally for over four decades.



Recent Seminars and Intensives

The Latest Online Courses and Seminars being taught. The Davis Advanced Health System Online Store provides educational support items for the professional learning.  Additionally, patient education information have been designed to help you communicate the benefits of these services to your patients.


Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation is an elegant manipulative technique developed by Dr. M. B. DeJarnette, founder and developer of Sacro Occipital Technique and furthered by Dr. M. L. Rees, founder and developer of Soft Tissue Orthopedics. With this technique, a practitioner can clear up and restore vital motion to soft tissue and vital organs in the body. Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis is a technique used for rapidly assessing spinal, organ, and soft-tissue disruptions, allowing the practitioner to definitively assess which visceral manipulation techniques are necessary to restore optimal organ position and function.

Visceral Manipulation

Natural Force Healing

Natural Force Healing is a unique and revolutionary energetic and vibrational therapy that is designed to create optimal well being in Body, Mind and Spirit, created by Dr. Kenneth Y. and Lisa V. Davis. Its healing technique is specific and distinctive and cannot be found in any other therapy, ancient or modern. Though it is primarily used as a tool to gain awareness, the majority of users are quick to affirm its profound impact on their mental, emotional and physical well being.


Advanced Practitioners Course

Dr. Kenneth Y. Davis, Founder and Developer of Natural Force Healing, a Unique and evolutionary System of Healing and Self Healing Techniques will be presenting an online 150 hour, 18th month Advanced Practitioner Ceritification Program leading to certification as an advanced practitioner of Energetic/Vibrational Therapy.

Advanced Practitioners Course

Energetic Nutritional Assessment Technique

Energetic Nutritional Assessment Technique (ENAT) is a unique new system for rapidly assessing the nutritional status of the body’s systems . ENAT looks specifically at determining a person’s nutritional status by prioritizing the Five Foundational Pillars of Nutrition and Body System Imbalances utilizing a quick screening tool.


Three Day Intensive

The Three Day Essentials program is an opportunity for an individual doctor to spend three intensive days learning the Davis Advanced Health System so that on Monday morning, these procedures which also include patient education and business model, can immediately be implemented into one’s practice.

Three Day Intensive

Soft Tissue Orthopedics

Several of Dr. Davis recent Seminars have been recorded and are available to download and stream at your pleasure. Courses of study include; The SPIL, LCS and TS lines of Assessment.

Soft Tissue Orthopedics

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