Natural Force Harmonic Therapy

What is Natural Force Harmonic Therapy?

Natural Force Harmonic Therapy attempts to modify an “out of tune” (discordant) vibration to an “in tune” vibration, thus changing disease to health Through years of research we have found that each disease has its own pattern of “out of tune” (discordant) vibratory rates that must be modified back to normal vibratory rates for the individual to regain health.

We also found through years of research the normal vibrating range of each of the seventeen energies that make up the energy field of all living things…This energy field is making a beautiful melody of health when in tune, and can be distorted into discords of disease by many negative things in life.

There are many ways to modify the energy field about the human body. Most methods have the distinct disadvantage of pulling from the healer far more of his own energies than he can afford without affecting or modifying his own health. In Natural Force Harmonic Therapy, the healer becomes the “conduit’ or” vehicle” to amplify the energies in creating the needed result in a matter of minutes.

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Natural Force Harmonic Therapy I
Course Outline~ Intro To NFHT; NFHT 101- Background ; NFTH 102- 5 Tissue Changes ; NFHT 103- Actress, Tasa and Partik Harmonics; NFHT 104- Its Harmonic, SPT Kicker-chronic and acute, KPO Harmonic; NFHT 105- Chelation Techniques; NFHT 106 Utilizing Crystals; NFHT 107 Deeper into Programming Harmonics; NFHT 108- Revitalization/ Karusi and Visha Harmonic; NFHT 109- Nutritional Harmonics; NFHT 110- Lisa V Davis; NFHT 111- Lymphoma and CNS Shock Harmonics; NFHT 112- Putting It All Together

Natural Force Harmonic Therapy II-

Course Outline: NFTH 201- Merging Phase I into Phase II; NFHT 202- Going Deeper into the Protocol Energies; NFHT 203- The God Angel Orchestrations; NFHT 204- Developing Sensitivities, DJI, Visha, KOM…; NFHT 205: Mainframe Mobles; NFHT 206- Advanced Harmonics- Liquid Light Energy, The C.F. Wand, Butte Pipe; NFHT 207: Advanced Harmonic Orchestrations: Solmetic Plus, Neurosprat, Galaxy Harmonic; NFHT 208- Organ Back and Time Back Techniques; NFHT 209- The Flow of NFHT II; NFHT 210- New Orchestrations; NFHT 211- The Cornerstone Harmonics; NFHT 212- Klovis, Reptilian Antibody, Transmogrification Orchestrations

Natural Force Harmonic Therapy III
Course Outline: NFHT 301- Thoracic 1-4; NFHT 302- Thoracic 7 and Immunity; NFHT 303- Thoracic 8, 9, and Lumbar 3; NFTH 304- Thoracic 5 and Digestive Enzymes, Cacramet I & II, Alopecia, Ear and Eye; NFHT 305- New Orchestrations; NFHT 306- New Orchestrations, Part II; Bonus~ Review Sessions

Natural Force Harmonic Therapy IV
Natural Force Harmonic Therapy IV will be launched as a six video series presenting new work, procedures and techniques as developed by Lisa Davis who will play a pivotal role in video presentation along with myself… NFHT IV does not have any requirement for attendance as relating to having taken the first three Harmonic online programs…. We hope you will consider continuing the journey. The tuition for NFHT IV is 2,250 USD