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Dr. Kenneth Y. and Lisa V. Davis have been teaching and developing Advanced Chiropractic Techniques, Natural Force Healing and Bio-Vibrational/Energetic Techniques throughout the United States and Internationally for the last 40 years. Dr. Davis, has been presenting The Art of Visceral Manipulation and Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis.  Recently, he has created and been teaching ENAT, Energetic Nutrition Assessment Technique, a unique new system for rapidly assessing the nutritional and biochemical status of the body.

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DVtutorialD – Davis Advanced Health System Basic I Tutorial                Basic I Tutorial for chiropractors as well as holistically minded health care practitioners. The Basic I tutorial DVD discusses and teaches the Core Teachings of the Davis Advanced Health System that will allow the holistic practitioner to embrace the system on Monday morning.Can be integrated into any chiropractic technique or procedure as well as any other system being utilized today. The background and history are presented on this DVD as well as the screening procedures to evaluate the Triune of Well Being of Body, Mind, and Spiritual imbalance. Spinal relationships and related function and distortion patterns are also taught. The Tutorial also presents an understanding of Bio-vibrational/energetic therapy leading to Natural Force Healing, a unique and revolutionary energetic system of healing and self healing techniques that creates optimal well being within body, mind, and spirit.

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