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Online Store of The Art of Visceral Manipulation and Temporal Sphenoidal Line Diagnostics Resource Material
Dr. Kenneth Y. Davis, Chiropractor is teaching his mentor’s Dr. M L. Rees’ work on Temporal Sphenoidal Line Diagnosis across the U.S. and Internationally. The following resources are available to support this study.

The Consolidated Reference


The Temporal Sphenoidal Family Skull

The Art ofVisceral Manipulation and Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis- The Complete Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis/ Bloodless Surgery Reference Guide, contains over 300 pages. It features Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis, Spinal Level Major Clinical Signs and Symptoms, Bloodless Surgery Procedures, Alpha Wave Enhancement Technique and Nutritional Trophology. Diagnostic Points of The Temporal Sphenoidal Family Skull –The Temporal Sphenoidal Line, Head Gravity Line, Anatomy Impression Memory Line, Lamboid Cell Salt Line, Temporal Mandibular Subluxation Indicators, Sagittal Proprioceptors, Coronal Proprioceptors and Malar Indicator Points are all color coded and labled. Key is provided.
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The Temporal Sphenoidal Line Diagnosis
and Visceral Manipulation DVD
Temporal Sphenoidal Poster
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Visceral Manipulation DVD – A 3 hour comprehensive DVD of Dr. Davis performing the visceral manipulation proceedures as it relates to each spinal level. Temporal Sphenoidal Poster – a 24 x 36 inch poster organizes the Spinal Major Organ Involvement, Syndrome Names, Visceral Manipulation Procedures and Entrance Point graphics specific to the Spinal Major.
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Temporal Sphenoidal Line Flip Cards Temporal Sphenoidal Line Patient Education Brochures
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T.S. Line Flip Cards – These laminated 4″ X 6″ flip card set contain the Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis Map and Key and a card for each Left and Right Spinal Level. Each card features The Temporal Sphenoidal Spinal Level Major: Organ Involvement, Syndrome Name, Bloodless Surgery Procedures, Reflex Points Mapping, and Entrance Points Mapping for Alpha Wave Enhancement Technique. On the reverse side is the Nutritional Trophology for each spinal level. The Temporal Sphenoidal Line Educational Brochures –Patient Educational Brochures on the topics of Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis, Spinal Level Major, Alpha Wave Enhancement Technique, Bloodless Surgery, Visceral Manipulation, and Nutritional Trophology. These brochures describe the T.S. Line and the techniques utilized within its practice in non-medical terminology for patient education. Sold in packages of 50. A set of 50 of each of the five brochures, is 100 USD.
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Temporal Sphenoidal Line Patient Education Starter Pack Temporal Spenoidal Line Patient Intake and Report of Findings Power Points Presentations
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Temporal Sphenoidal Line Patient Education Starter Pack- Each Starter Pack contains 50 of each of the five brochures (T.S. Diagnosis, Spinal Level Major, Visceral Manipulation, Nutrition, Alpha Wave Enhancement), Patient Intake and Report of Findings Power Points, 10 Patient Education Cd’s and 100 T. S. Diagnosis Survey Forms Patient Education Power Points – Dr. Davis takes your patient on a guided tour of what to expect from their Initial Intake Visit and their second visit, The Patient Report of Findings Visit. Dr. Davis reviews The Comprehensive Examination and Evaluation Process, The Triune of Well Being and T. S. Evaluation and Treatment Tools. The Patient Report of Findings Visit Presentation provides an overview of the diagnosis and treatment tools utilized. Additionally, it is here that Wellness Program design, duration and financial commitment and the Program Members Responsibilites are outlined by Dr. Davis.
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T.S. Assessment Questionaire T.S. Line Software
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T.S. Line Assessment Questionnaire prioritizes patients’ health concerns. The questionnaire quickly links patient’s symptoms and concerns with their priority Temporal Sphenoidal major. 100 forms per order. T.S. Line Software is a comprehensive database package. It saves client information, history and session findings, prioritizes T.S. Line Assessment point, Spinal Level Major, Visceral Manipulation techniques and Nutritional supplementation for each session. The program generates nutritional support protocol for clients, tracks client’s supplements for review and formats reports for office use.
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